5 Reasons Why One Must Follow The Ketogenic Diet To Stay Healthy

The ketogenic diet has been one of the most talked topics in the field of nutrition for over decades. While some people believe that following a keto diet may result in heart disease and raise cholesterol level, there are a few people who find the diet very helpful for health. However, it is important to understand the concept of a ketogenic diet. It is a simple diet which consists of low-carb, adequate protein and high-fat.

When you start cutting carbs, your body begins to burn fat, rather than glucose – for energy. That is when your body enters ketosis which means your liver begins to process fat into ketones which becomes the main fuel source of your body.

Why One Must Follow The Ketogenic Diet To Stay Healthy

Below are some of the benefits of the ketogenic diet:

1) Boosts weight loss Losing weight is one of the most important aspects of the ketogenic diet. When you cut carbs and intake fat, the latter becomes a source of energy which actively helps in burning fat from the body. Research suggests that the people on a low-carb diet tend to lose more weight than on low-fat diet because low-carb diet frees water from your body resulting in lower insulin levels.

2) Control of appetiteHunger is the biggest enemy when you are on a diet. It is one of the main reasons why people tend to fail following the diet. But when you are on a proper ketogenic diet, your appetite gets in control and you keep yourself away from the random cravings. In other words, having minimal carbs in your diet not just controls hunger but also reduces your calorie intake.

3) Strengthens your brainWhile many believe that carbs are a great form of energy, but it just results in the fluctuation of blood sugar levels. However, many studies have revealed that ketones are made to fuel the brain in the absence of sugar. In simple words, ketones help you focus for a longer period.

4) Ketogenic diet acts as a shield to fight against type II diabetes A keto diet is very helpful for people having type II diabetes who suffer from increased production of insulin in the body. However, keto diet removes sugar from most of your food and helps in lowering the HbA1c count. Apart from this, the lower intake of carbs helps in curbing the large spikes in blood sugar and the people suffering from diabetic conditions must give this diet a try.

5) Reduces anxiety and depression levelsMany studies have proved that the ketogenic diet helps in reducing depression and anxiety. It is believed that it could be because of the better mental focus due to low sugar levels and intake of good fats in the body. Apart from decreased anxiety levels, the keto diet also helps in improving your sleep quality and keeps you energized throughout the day.

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