Best MS-Office Alternative Apps for Android

Office applications are essential parts of our life to sort and regroup and restructure all our information, for presentations and software, office applications have solved all our troubles. But why keep them limited to our home PCs or laptops? Our smartphones are equally smart to carry these apps and have the similar functions. Especially the cloud integration feature that lets you access your data from the cloud and edit and save them online. To have an easy access to some of the best office applications, here is the list. You may thank us later!

1. WPS Office

We all have it in our phones and hence it is one of the best android apps to deal with office data and spreadsheets. It supports all the necessary features of Microsoft Office. It has neat and easy to use interface where you can make MS Word documents, PDFs, excel sheets etc. It gas over forty languages and supports Evernote. It also supports wireless printing. It also assists documents encryptions. It also enables the cloud storage through which you can access your files directly.

2. OfficeSuite

It opens all your files in local and network location including cloud services and comes with a sign in the feature that syncs with all your devices. It is compatible with Word, excel and pdf documents. It supports all the basic Microsoft format. The app is free to download and all the essential features are available in free version. But the paid version allows you to convert your files to pdfs and scans your files. It can be and in fact is one of the most expensive apps so far.

3. Docs To Go

It is one of the oldest office apps that has a simple file explorer interface. It is simply designed to locate your files instantly. It contains all the necessary features such as word processing, editing, spreadsheet editing and presentation editing. It has no required sign up and you can save your documents wherever you choose. It tracks your changes, that is you can track what changes you made to the particular document.

4. Google Drive

It gives you access to all your word, PowerPoint and Excel documents. You can use it in Office Compatibility mode after storing a Microsoft office file. It actually serves as a hub. When you open a particular document, it will automatically open the app that can edit it. It is an easy to use interface containing app and it is straightforward and free.

5. SmartOffice

It is an office app that is the full feature and easy to operate. It allows you a lot of styles and fonts like bold, underlined and italics and you can edit your docs, word, PowerPoint and excel files. You can create, edit, share and view MS Office documents right from your smartphone.
You can also convert your files to pdfs and save them. You can access your documents through clouds and save your files with password protection. It has over 35 languages that makes it versatile and quick choice while choosing a reliable office application.

All these mentioned above are some of the go-to apps while organizing and editing your documents. If you liked any of them, tell us in the comments below and spread it to the world. You might be a lot of help here.

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