How to check SBI Bank Balance from Mobile?

Today we learn how to check SBI bank balance from mobile, how to check your bank balance with complete information.

State Bank of India (SBI) is the largest and oldest bank in India. It was established on 2 June 1806 in Calcutta as “Bank of Kolkata”. Then 3 years later, it was reorganized on 2 January 1809 as the Bank of Bengal, a unique bank.

SBI Bank was issued by the British Government and the Government of Bengal, mainly SBI Bank gives you a lot of banking facilities. Mobile banking, missed call banking, rewards programs and insurance facilities are available for you.

If you use SBI Bank and you have to go to the bank or ATM machine to check your bank balance and mini statement, then you must have wasted a lot of time in it.

We are going to tell you that the easiest ways to know how to do your SBI bank account balance and mini statement sitting at home, so read this article till the end.

SBI Bank has given this facility that you can know your SBI account balance only by making a missed call from your registered mobile number, and today in this blog post, I will tell you here how you also get SBI account balance from the missed call will do. Share SBI Bank Balance Check Number on Kaise Check Kare.

There are two ways to check the bank balance of SBI

Miss Call Banking to Check Bank Balance

What is missed call banking: If you do not use online banking and net banking of SBI, you can use its missed call banking. There is no need of SmartPhone for this, you will be able to use it with your ordinary keypad mobile as well. For missed call banking, first you have to register.

To register you have to do an SMS. Open the SMS box on your mobile and type it. Note that for registration, you have to SMS from the mobile number registered with the bank.

Step 1. How to register your number in Miss Call Banking?

To use SBI’s Miss Call Banking service it is necessary to register your number in it, for this way you can register your number in SBI Miss Call Service in a way, for that you just have to send a message which is like this .


For example, if my account number is 12345678901, then I have to send this message in this way.

Like – REG 12345678901 and after this it has to be sent to this number 09223488888

Step 2. How to do bank balance check with SBI Miss Call Banking?

Whenever you have to call this number 09223766666 from your registered mobile number to know the balance of SBI Account, when you call, it is automatically cut after 3 seconds of the call and within 5 seconds of the account balance on your mobile. The message will come.

And if you have to message BAL from your registered mobile number on 09223766666, you can check bank balance in the message immediately after which you can check SBI account balance by missed call.

Online Banking (Internet Banking) to Check Balance

If you are an online banking user of SBI, download a mobile app called SBI Anywhere Personal anywhere in your Android mobile, then you can easily see your account details. After downloading Android App, it has to login with Bank Username and Password. Your account will open after login. After this go to my account option. Here you can see your Account Bank Balance and Mini Statement.

You can do this from your mobile, to manage your internet banking, you can also log in to OnlineSBI.Com website and get information about your bank account, I also use SBI And use internet banking.

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