Law Of Attraction – Discover How it Impacts our Life

What kind of thoughts should I allow to enter my mind? Have you ever taken a step back and pondered over this question for a while?

If not, then read on and dwell on the ideas I share with you.

Each one of us reading this should always focus on what we want, and not on what we don’t want. It has become a mental default setting that we tend to get negative thoughts earlier than positive ones.

We quickly find ourselves reciting phrases like, “I don’t want to be fat,” “I don’t want to stay in the same job position next year,” “I don’t want to catch the flu,” “I don’t want to meet an accident.” Not even a single of these statements is a positive one. What we don’t realize is that by saying what we don’t want we’ll not get what we want. Instead what happens is the exact opposite.

As much as we repeat (verbally or non-verbally) what we don’t want, the Universal Energy (or God) assumes it as our command to it, and thus it gives us what we speak – more of negativity. Many of us pray every day, either in a church, temple, gurudwara or a mosque. The reason why we do that is prayers glorify the positive feelings in us, and an aura of belief surrounds us that no negative energy can touch us. But as soon as we step out, and as the day passes, we tend to forget the prayers and our mind shifts back to the negative mindset.

Whether we admit it or not, we are responsible for bringing positive and negative influences into our lives.

You might get surprised at the fact that the number of times you repeat a negative statement in your mind is far multiples of the number of times you’ve repeated a positive affirmation. Hence, it is essential to repeat the positive phrases/affirmations/statements multiple times in a day. People who happen to experience a lot of negative results lose their faith in God. Hence it is critical to understand the LAW OF ATTRACTION and then implement it successfully in our lives.

Before we learn about the LAW OF ATTRACTION, let me share with you an example that will help in understanding it more clearly. Suppose you’ve gone in a car showroom to purchase a car. You see a variety of them in different interior and exterior colors. You place an order for the model and color you liked the most. You are then informed that you’ll receive the delivery in a few days.

Now what happens during this waiting period is pure magic. You begin noticing the car everywhere around you. You traveled this road every day, but all of a sudden you feel like cars of the same model you’ve ordered are driving past by you. You start asking yourself some pretty weird questions like, “Where have so many cars of the same model come from suddenly?” What you miss out on is that they were already there. They drove past you every day, but because you have set a specific model and color of the car in your subconscious, it instantly forces you to notice them because now they’re a part of your thought world.

So what do we learn from this example?

The thoughts that we focus on the most become our outer reality too. Therefore it is vital for us to constantly keep a check on our thoughts because indeed thoughts are things. As per the LAW OF ATTRACTION, our outer world manifests only that which we continuously repeat in our subconscious and our mind. If you register love, happiness, and joy in your inner mindset then with no doubt you’ll reap a crop of love, happiness and joy only.

So keep a check on the thoughts you allow in your pristine mindset and if any adverse or degrading thoughts dare to enter, quickly change your “I cant’s” to “I can.” Nurturing good thoughts is the only way to create a life full of success, happiness, prosperity, joy, and satisfaction.

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