Must Have Best Smart Home Devices of 2019

Technology has taken our world with a swirl to a brand new level and guess what! we just can’t stop being away from them. Gadgets are upgraded with a blink of an eye and new machines have fascinated us like dreams. The generation demands us to know details about every single device being created and used for comfort and we must have a keen hold on all of this to separate the good ones from the bad ones.

Our life just doesn’t stop being dependent on home devices and we have compressed all our comforts into just one click or one press and surprisingly, into just one command that has to emanate from our tongue. So simple! Here a few best smart home devices that have made our 2018 so much more interesting than it’s not even real!

Must-Have Best Smart Home Devices

1. Amazon Echo (2nd gen) (Best Smart Speaker)

The amazon echo 2nd gen is at the top of our list for solid reasons. It has new look, new price and a lot of cool features. The first Alexa powered smart speaker had millions of fans and this sequel is even better! It is affordable, stylish and has an elegant fabric that will suit any house and any ambience. Amazon is always upgrading Alexa like that the Apple HomePod and Google Home are directly competing with the echo speaker family.

The Amazon Echo integrates with an Amazon account which you can use to order food, play music and control other home devices making it super efficient and super awesome. We cannot just get over how easily it does every work and how great it looks!

2. Philips Hue (Smart Bulb)

You will be surprised about how efficient the Philips Hue is as a lightbulb. It is an iPhone controlled light bulb. It is widely supported and easy to install but somewhat expensive. If you opt for Philips Hue, you will need to get Philips Bridge which is like a hub for your lightbulb. The advantage is its reliability and compatibility with a different range of standards like Apple HomeKit Nest and Samsung SmartThings.

3. Nest Learning Thermostat (Smart Thermostat)

It is easy to use and helps save money. Although it takes some work to install, it is the best thermostat you can use to suffice your comforts. It gets adjusted to your habits and automatically switches off when you don’t need it which is how it saves money. Besides, it looks very stylish and fit for your home and has an easy to use interface which is a thing to be considered.

4. NetGear Arlo Q (Smart Security Camera)

Security is a topic of paramount concern and importance. Cameras have almost been mandatory at every place and event for security purposes and the best security camera award goes to NetGear Arlo Q. It has a nice design and reliable motion-detection that will record as soon as it detects an object moving. It has no local storage and no ethernet port.

If you buy the camera you are getting a free 7 day basic cloud recording service and you can get the footage on its accompanying app which is superbly designed. Unfortunately, the only trouble is it doesn’t store footage videos offline and has no ethernet port.

5. August Lock (Smart Lock)

It is nice and strong, good compatibility, automatic features and needs no wifi support. It is compatible with Apple HomeKit, Nest and IFTTT so it easily connects to your other smart devices. You can lock or unlock your door through your phone, let your family or friends stay in your house when you are away and it automatically unlocks when it detects you’re nearby. It is reliable for all security purposes.

These are some of the home devices that have taken 2018 to a whole new generation and we are preparing our best for 2020 advancement.
However, if you know some devices that are in your house, and have raised the technology standards of your rooms, do tell us in the comment section and let the world know, how advanced you’re!

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