PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) Review: First Man Standing

Microsoft is celebrating the commercial success of Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds on its console. The fashion title, available exclusively on Xbox One consoles and PC, has exceeded 30 million players among all its versions. Although PUBG has left the Early Access version 1.0, it is still far from perfect.

Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds is a fantastic game that’s beyond question. The almost three million players who are active at the same time every day and the top rankings in the sales charts on Steam, which have been untouchable for months, show just how popular PUBG is with its fans.

But even if the Battle Royale shooter has now left the early access phase and is playable in PC version 1.0, Battlegrounds is still far from perfect. But many bugs and technical defects disturb the fun-filled hunt for chicken dinner.

We have collected from several posts of dissatisfied fans on Reddit. Here you can find out what the most significant problems of Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds are right now.

Map selection is still missing!

Long there was only the island Erangel as a field of battlegrounds, now with Miramar, a second map in the game is available. At the moment it is still the coincidence that decides on which card you start a game. So you cannot choose yourself if you would rather fight through the fields and meadows of Erangel or the barren desert of Miramar.

During the trial phase of version 1.0 on the test servers, many fans have protested against this random map selection. The developers have already announced that they will soon submit a patch that fixes this problem and makes the card selection before a game possible.

Technique Problems: From lags to rubber banding!

The update to version 1.0 has brought PUBG technically a whole step forward. But when it lags, framerate drops or game crashes are no longer as frequent as during the early access phase – they have not completely disappeared yet.

Especially on the new desert map lags and annoying rubberbanding disturb the flow of the game enormously. That’s why we’ve had to devalue Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds in our review. Technically, PUBG is still not up to date on which a finished game should be in its version 1.0.

Glitches and Bugs!

For months, the developers of Bluehole strive to remove errors from their game. But they are not quite successful yet. Here is a small selection of bugs and glitches currently haunting PUBG:

  • A glitch occasionally causes all players to be knocked off the plane at the same time, whether they like it or not.
  • After jumping off the plane, the compass and the mark sometimes go crazy when you fly down steeply.
  • Some players complain that occasionally they do not get credit for their points after a game.
  • The running noises of the players and opponents sometimes do not match their actual distance from us. Distant duo partners, for example, sound like they’re walking right next to us.
  • Many players are apparently always set the Asian server as standard, although they actually come from another region.
  • Some fences are bulletproof, though they look like they are made of thin wire mesh.

If you still know more bugs or glitches from PUBG, write us in the comments and share your experiences!

Vaulting is not working everywhere!

playerunknown-battlegroundsThe new climbing and vaulting system from the version 1.0 update was announced months ago and therefore had a lot of development time. Now it is there and provides on the cards Erangel and Miramar for entirely new ways of locomotion.

However, climbing is not quite round yet. Many players complain that some fences and walls are still insurmountable. Some obstacles can only be skipped from one side, but climbing back does not work for some reason.

Miramar is full of deadly traps!

Just like the vaulting feature, PUBG fans had to wait a long time for the desert map Miramar. Now it is here and offers a new playground with several hiding places and exciting spots. However, too much exploration in Miramar can quickly lead to your doom.

There are many points on the new map currently of which there is no escape as soon as you enter them once. Those who are not careful in the desert, for example, can fall into a deep hole and die. When we played Miramar, we also fell into a kind of backyard, where there was no way out with vaulting and climbing. The developer of Bluehole still has to work on the design of the desert map.


PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is a phenomenon of those who rarely see. It is unmistakably one of the most enjoyable games I’ve played this year, a survival story that renews itself every time you load into a new game. Your successes and failures, lucky weapon finds, long-range kills and moments of vehicular bravado are entirely thrilling.

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